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About Our Dental Partner Group – Dallas, TX

We Put People First

At Oral Health Industries (OHI), we create the space for dental offices to develop a more engaged and productive culture. Envision a culture that prioritizes purpose, profitability, and a healthy outlook on the “work/life” balance myth… this is where we come alive!

Our mission is TO SERVE as a WINDOW to BETTER HEALTH and PracticeWithLove™.

Our Philosophy

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  1. Tuned-In (Awake, Alive, & Aware)
  2. Open (Communication, Connection, & Understanding)
  3. Service (Kindness & Purpose)
  4. Evaluate (Measure & Reflect On our Results)
  5. Ready (Prepared, Accountable, Able, & Healthy)
  6. Vulnerability (Human & Transparent)
  7. Empowered and Engaged (Passionate, Creative, Supportive, & No Drama)

Our Guiding Statements

  • We are here TO SERVE and #PracticeWithLove.
  • We are PREPARED
  • We believe in BEING AWARE
  • We believe in BEING OPEN
  • We believe in BEING VULNERABLE where we should IMPROVE
  • We believe in WELLNESS, yours and ours.
  • We believe in EVALUATING our results.